Squaring the Circle

by Maf Maddix

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Visuals here: vimeo.com/71359844

-Respect due to DJ Premier and Jeru-

Squaring The Circle - The act of striving to meet a seemingly impossible goal without giving up-

"For centuries the concept of the “circle in the square” or “squaring the circle” has represented the perfect geometric relationship, yet one that has no resolved formula because it contains the “transcendental number” of pi — a number with no end.

For the artist, “circle in the square” can symbolize the tension between concept and reality, the perfection that exists in the realm of the idea, but seems to disappear in manifestation. Like every human being, the artist journeys on, seeking the “circle in the square,” hoping to somehow capture the smallest glimpse of perfection. This possibility of perfection opens in live performance, as the artist and audience meet in the work."


I feel the dust in my eye, awake to visions. pyramid that touches the sky. Golden sun shine is too bright for my mind so I seek to find shade truth hurts so I lie. In desert sands days expand as years fly wings outstretched high but I ain’t light yet. Watch the phoenix die like the sunset drownin underneath the lights of a bright city. I sit back wonderin why life is so shitty. Open up a text, the kybalion, divine p. to find peace I open up inside, find me. monolithic writtens scribed on the side of stone tablets obsidian eyes expose fragments of the past to atlantians. Shoulder like I’m atlas the weight of the world rests on my back leaving scratches. Dermal constitution from abuse needs amending. Holding it together like grenades wit pin in em

they robbin hoods like robbin givins/ feel like you should, but you don’t give in/ the strength of ten men.

Hard to settle in wit friends when the winds shiftin. Grave callin out my face by name like eye witness. Thoughts play chaser to the liquor and pills a little quicker, but bullets work faster than elixers. The thoughts of a tightrope walker in a bad dream I reach the end to look ahead and find the same thing. Same stream of consciousness seemed shallow now im drownin in the shadow of a lost king. I’m learnin lessons. I can feel the pressure from the head swellin but can’t cash checks from just a dope message. The false prophets of thought process deceive while you eager to believe all the taught nonsense. to manifest garbage on tape, some shit I was born to hate, majority rules an all the fake niggas relate. To false jewels, bent rules and fabricated pasts confused how these dudes get a pass.

they robbin hoods like robbin givins/ feel like you should, but you don’t give in/ the strength of ten men.

It seems as if a nigga can’t escape. …This whole world is a cage the devil infiltrates my soul so I meditate. I speak so you can hear it. Take my place on a throne, crystal ankh around my neck deflecting interference. Its only dreams where It feel this safe, cuz I wake to unpaid bills temptations to move weight. When it was crime it was cake but now it’s time to elevate. The pressure’s rising on my chamber and I can’t escape. I was swimming when the web got me, like veiled threats through the internet, paranoia, two hands grabbing my chest clocking, ticker talking, tellin me to step, but every steps costly, now they watching, but they build less, feed a young man less, but more stress on a pay day, original press. Crushin spirits like a linen, wrap careers in em, wrap your peers in em, struggling for a meal or some raw denim. The price of life is too involved so I pen life bid murder charge writtens

they robbin hoods like robbin givins/ feel like you should, but you don’t give in/ the strength of ten men.


released July 31, 2013




Maf Maddix North Carolina

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